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The Ukulele                                     SEPTEMBER 2015
  Younique                               Of Great
  are back!                              Britain

Taking the stage for the 3rd year, “we   30 Plucking Years
are Younique” is set to be the biggest
and best dance and musical theatre       They play ukuleles, they sing, they say
show of the year! With a vibrant mix     funny things, they whistle, but they bring
of street dance, lyrical dance, musical  a lot more to the table than that.
performances and singing, there is       Good humour, light heartedness,
something for everyone.                  wellbeing and joy permeate all their
To find out more about younique check    live concerts.
out our website
                                         Wednesday 23 September 8pm
Saturday 5 September 6pm                 Tickets: £22.50 (conc. £21.50)
Tickets: £13.50

Keith Barry -                                                 Saturday 26 September 8pm
Brain Hacker                                                  Tickets: £17.50

Brain Hacker promises to be a show that you won’t
forget in a hurry. Using a combination of mind control,
deception, mentalism and hypnotism, Keith will take the
audience on a mind-blowing rollercoaster ride where
they will participate in astounding feats implanting
thoughts in their minds and hacking their brains as if their
minds were a computer. Keith will show them how easily
their behaviour can be influenced with a bit of brain-
hacking! “Anything could happen!” said Keith.

Ages 12+                                                                5
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