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The                                       An Evening with                                  SEPTEMBER 2016

Dreamboys                                   Aggers &

If you’re looking for the very best girls   Tuffers
night out in the UK, look no further than
these incredible stripping hunks. An        Tuffers was the Bad Boy of English
action packed 2 hour show from start to     cricket in the 1990s, but the best spinner
finish, these boys will literally have you  - left-arm or otherwise - as well. He
begging for more!                           was known as The Cat because of his
                                            love of dressing-room naps and, rarely
This is one action packed show full of      seen wDithaotuet?a beer and a fag, Tufnell
Music, Muscle, Magic and Mayhem that        has alwTaiycskebtese£n?s?o?mething of a folk
will leave you breathless which you         hero. Since retiring, he has carved out a
simply cannot afford to miss!               successful TV career.

Book your tickets now before it’s too       This will be a fascinating, entertaining,
late!                                       no-holds-barred evening for cricket
                                            fans and non-lovers of the game alike
                                            and there will be an opportunity for
                                            the audience to tweet Aggers
                                            with their own questions.

Friday 16 September 7.30pm                  Saturday 17 September 7.30pm
First 4 Rows £27.50                         TDicakteet?s: £25.00 (conc. £1.50 off)
All Other Stalls £24.50                     Tickets £???
Circle £22.50

   Justin Hayward

  Plus special guest Mike Dawes

Legendary voice of The Moody Blues Performing songs from
      His new album “Spirits of the Western Sky” And Moodies
                      favourites in an acoustic “songwriter” format.

        Moody Blues hits include: Fly Me High, Leave This Man
    Alone, Nights in White Satin, Voices In The Sky, Gypsy and

                                                                   many more.

                                DTuaetesd?ay 20 September 7.30pm
                                    Tickets:££?3?6?.00, £33.50, £31.00                                                                     5
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