Page 5 - The Alban Arena May to Aug 2016
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The Joy of Mincing is Julian Clary’s              MAY 2016
                                                 celebration of 30 years as a camp
                                                comedian. There is so much to tell

                                             you; the ups and downs of his sordid
                                             love life, the true and heart stopping
                                            account of how he saved Dame Joan

                                                Collins’ life, and don’t start him on
                                              the perils of his DIY electrical home

                                                                                 enema kit.

                                             On stage Julian will proudly wear his
                                               well-deserved M.B.E (Mincer of the
                                               British Empire). It was the last thing

                                            he expected to receive when he knelt
                                            down in front of Prince Charles in the

                                                   scullery at Buckingham Palace…

                                                              Wednesday 4 May 8pm
                                                                 Tickets: £23 (conc. £3 off)

                                                      LIMITED AVAILABILITY

 Ed Byrne                                                                                     5

 Looking In

    That bloke. You know. The Irish guy.
    No, not the bald one. The other one.
    You know him. The one Carol from
    work really likes. Wait, that might be
    Jason Byrne. Anyway. Funny chap.
    Has a new show!
    Ages 16+
    “Comedy’s holy grail…. Go see!”
    The Sunday Times

   Thursday 5 May 8pm
    Tickets £19
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