Page 6 - The Alban Arena May to Aug 2016
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The Counterfeit Stones celebrate their 25th anniversary in 2016 with yet another
“Sham Rock” experience, 25 X 5. Their skilfully mixed cocktail of classic hits,
retro costume and humour continues to intoxicate young and old alike - 100%
proof that a good shot always hits the target. This faking masterpiece, hilariously
“mockumenting” the history of the Rolling Stones from 1962, will take you back if
you were there; or make you wish you were, if you weren’t.

Why pay a fortune to see originals as ants in a mega-dome, when for a
fraction of the price you can smell the sweat of bogus brilliance?

It’s phony rock ‘n’ roll but a real bargain.

Saturday 7 May 8pm  Box Office 01727 844488

Tickets: £22.00

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